Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tokyo Landing 3

Tokyo's attractions is an endless list of where to go and what to do.  And after a long day work trip, the Jewelmer team planned a whole night to paint the town red.  From Mitsukoshi in, we headed to the Park Hyatt hotel to start our evening with a good dose of bubbles and gt's(gin tonic). The New York bar(52floor) is a study in chic interiors where luxe furnishings, ambient mood lighting, high ceiling and window panels define the look and feel of this haven of elegance. Over the horizon is a stunning night view of Tokyo and no wonder it became the backdrop for the movie "Lost in Translation".  One can't help but feel the irresistible vibe filling the air as one listens to a live jazz band. Fantastic acoustics envelope every space as music fill our ears and delight our senses. Posh surroundings filled with beautiful and stylish people feast the eyes and where decent conversations exist.  After swimming in several cocktails in one of Tokyo's scene to be seen, we were off to another exciting style adventure. 

Tokyo's Vogue Fashion Night Out is an annual event held all over the world that holds auction and special sales for their clientele.  Despite the heavy downpour, we headed out to Gucci-the Italian household name in fashion. As we entered the door, an auction piece(Hello Kitty in Gucci) welcomes us in her head to toe ensemble of iconic pieces( from the fur to sunnies to leather bow).  The legendary character never looked so chic as she was dressed up Italian style.  More champagne and canapĂ©s were served as we checked out the latest collection.  Three floors were filled with apparel, accesories and bags as the renowned logo brand showcased nothing but the ultimate luxurious lifestyle.
From the feel of Italy we go back to reality- Japan.  After drinking like a fish and started to get hungry,  we found ourselves at the epicenter of Roppongi (near the National Arts Center) where another fantastic dining place is set-Gonpachi. This amazing space is popularly known as the location of one of Quintin Tarantino's famous movies-Kill Bill.  The colossal wooden structure is a old world style Japanese restaurant  that caters to foreign tourists.  Decorated with a multitude of lanterns and natural furnishings, it serves local cuisine and has a sushi bar at the second floor.  No need to get lost in translation, waiters can speak English while the menu has it as well.  The tourist-friendly habituĂ© offers a simple yet good dining experience one would enjoy. After the sumptuous treat we headed back to the hotel at almost 1am hoping to get some rest and go to Never Never land. We did get the a chance to have a 30 minute snooze then headed out to Tokyo's famous party land instead-FERIA.  The five floor night owl's arena is a collage of different concepts and vibe satisfy the party animal in you.  The ultra club is one of the top places to see as it is home to five well-designed areas to suit ones all-sensory needs. Here we met with the rest of the Jewelmer family headed by Jacques Christophe Branellec and ended up out til around 430am. Time to relax and unwind as the team celebrated the milestone of the Golden South Sea Pearl.  
Making and witnessing  history brings pride to the Philippines. It marks the beginning of a union between two countries where both tradition and culture is prized.  Beyond the surface, its essence touches lives and strengthens identity and the value of family.  Jewelmer has become the pride of a nation. 

Guardian at the gate.

Modern refinement.

In the mood.
Bubbles up!

A toast to Jewelmer.
"Lost in Translation".

Style on the prowl.


Editor's picks.

Cheers to Gucci with Style Weekend's Liza Ilarde, Gucci Japan PR Director Mina Nemichi, Gucci Japan Merchandising Director Riccardo Emi and Jewelmer's AVP for Marketing Mia San Agustin.

Hello Kitty in Gucci.

The author with Hello Kitty and Jewelmer's Mia San Agustin.

My favorite Gucci sunnies and scarf as the backdrop.

"Kill Bill" the movie setting.

Perfect location for Quintin Tarantino's blockbuster.

The "killing field".

View from the top.

The author and Liza Ilarde(in black) with the Jewelmer family (from left to right) Mia San Agustin, Florent Lenoir and Jacques Christophe Branellec.(this photo by Liza Ilarde)

The New York Bar(Park Hyatt Tokyo)
3-7-1-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 163-1055Opens Sunday to Wednesday from 5:00 pm to midnight. Thursday to Saturday from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am. Cover charge of 2,200 JPY is applied Monday through Saturday from 8:00 pm, Sunday from 7:00 pm

1-13-11 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku.  To get there via train, it's nearest the Roppongi or Hiroo station.  Open from 1130am-6am daily.

Feria building,  7-13-7 Roppongi
Opens 6pm-5am.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Aranaz Sale

Bags are style essentials.  Women can never be fully dressed with one of the most covetable accessory.  In the Philippines, Aranaz is currently giving every Filipina a special treat with the biggest sale ever. The ongoing event showcases totes, clutches, evening bags, accessories and more for a discounted price.  These prized offerings are practical must-buys that fit a variety of wardrobe ensembles.  From simple to embellished, these amazing pieces will definitely get you into the fashion cult following. Known in the local bag industry for decades, the brand has a distinct style trademark making it one of the most popular in the country today.  Sale ends on September 19, 2014.  Check it out and visit any Aranaz branch!  

Aranaz is located at the 2F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati city.

Different Strokes

Iconic Filipino designer Rhett Eala painting fashion in various points of hues.  Strokes of genius come alive in a palette of both vivid and bold as it tickles the imagination. A piece of clothing is a blank canvass and through the designer's artistry it is transformed into a fine masterpiece. Nothing but admiration can be given to this ingenious artist who's passion for fashion brushes anew in local ready to wear. Classic silhouettes are painterly reinvented in beautiful dresses and gowns every woman would want. The simplicity of clean lines with masterful embellishments and details transform the simple to extraordinary. Art successfully presented in luxe fabrication creates a seamless and modern design perspective. The new collection channels the union of both feminine and sexiness in refinement.  The freedom of creative energy channels the artist's lifestyle and sensibilities into contemporary impressions in extraordinary creations.

Tokyo Landing 2

Beef sukiyaki is a popular Japanese dish worldwide but to have it in the land of its origin is something else.  From the trade show at the New Otani hotel, the Jewelmer team decided to have lunch at the Asakaya area-this is the destinating in between the key areas .  The art of dining in Japan is like a sacred ceremony.  One can't help notice the attention to detail from the arrangement of the plating, the food styling and the way the dish is served.  Everything is fresh! From the appetizers to salad to the main course, the gastronomic delight is made in heaven and nothing is frozen. Like all aspects of their lifestyle, the Japanese treats food with respect. One of the best cuisines in the world,  one can guarantee its high grade quality. One can't help but savor the flavor as it melts in your mouth.  

Streets of Asakaya.



Soft serve.

Table setting.

Prime service.

Seeing red.

The author with Jewelmer's Jacques Branellec and Style Weekend's editor Liza Ilarde.

The author.

Mich Dulce X Zacarias by SC Vizcarra

The pride of the Philippines, SC Vizcarra's Zacarias line collaborates with international Filipino designer Mitch Dulce with a limited edition collection for both London and Paris fashion week 2015. Brilliant musings using a combination of surfaces display an amazing design perspective worthy of distinction. One can't help but notice the seamless fusion of textures channeling the modernity of form.  Irreverently intelligent, the outstanding creations display fashioned art with a whimsical twist.  Brilliant sculptural forms display the rawness of beauty in functional perspectives. Currently catching the eye of the fashion and design industries,  their presence is creating an impact as they captivate the market with what is truly globally Filipino. In depth, there is a conscious effort in pushing the envelope as both cultural identity and local artistry remarkably is of world class standards.  Mitch Dulce x Zacarias is a visionary statement that will hopefully inspire the Filipino talent to take the big leap forward.   Here are a few pieces from the fashion week collection.